An Open Letter to the Electoral College:

To all Electors,

It is with heartfelt sympathy that I must sincerely tell you all that I do not envy you your positions.  You have an unpleasant task to perform. You have a duty and responsibility that is among the most important in the world.  Under normal circumstances, it’s a ceremonial job, perfunctory in our republic.  Here and now, however, it is not.  Your decision is substantive and critical.

Donald J. Trump is not fit to be President of the United States.  I would sincerely like for that to be untrue, but it isn’t.  His continued juvenile behavior, lack of knowledge of protocols and procedures, and ignorance of international politics is completely inappropriate for the esteemed office of President.

His victory on election night was bolstered by false news misleading good Americans along with Russian cyber-attacks to sway opinions.  I’m not a Hilary Clinton fan, but honestly, Mr. Trump is simply not fit for the job.  I understand the desire to push back against the “liberal” or “progressive” agenda that has pushed our nation to the left. I get that.  I’m not arguing here about policy issues.  This is personal.  It is about the personality of  Donald Trump which  is a terrible danger to both our domestic tranquility as well as to our global standing.

He isn’t even president yet, and he has caused international problems from China to Cuba with his use of Twitter.  His responses to individuals who criticize him are dangerous.  From Boeing, to the union leader Chuck Jones, to Megyn Kelley, Trump has sought to intimidate those who would criticize him.  He also has a following of zealous supporters willing to follow completely false information. This is how you get people shooting up pizza joints for no reason.  People are getting death threats because of Trump’s tweets.  Seriously.

Mr. Trump has opted not to attend intelligence briefings, while he responds to conspiracy theories comedy television shows.  Unfit to be Commander in Chief.

On top of all of these very legitimate reasons that President-Elect Trump is personally unfit to take office, the popular vote is clear. As unlikable as she is, Clinton received over 2.5 million votes more than Trump.  That is a full 2 percentage points.  Yes, I understand how the Electoral College is set up, and why.

This is it.  This is the time for the electoral college to step up and stop a dangerous demagogue from taking control of the most powerful office on the planet.

I hope enough of you find the courage to follow the lead of  Texas Republican Chris Suprun. This is the reason that the Electoral college exists.  Now is the time.  I’ll gladly accept any responses to justify your decisions.  I can only imagine what a difficult position you must find yourself in.  Be strong.  Take a stand.

Most Sincerely,







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