The Noose of Impeachment

There is, at this point, overwhelming evidence of the Trump Administration’s ties to Russia.  As much as he has lied about it, there is cumulative evidence to substantiate the claims of collaboration. Politifact did a clear write up of the essential claims and investigations going on.

Recently, a Ukrainian billionaire with ties to both Trump and Putin has been extradited to come to Chicago  in connection with the ongoing criminal investigation of Paul Manafort (Trump’s former Campaign Manager).

It is quite clear, who in Russia benefits from the Trump Presidency in the US. It’s also quite clear that the Russian propaganda machine was influential in the US election, specifically in their broad effort to demonize Hillary Clinton, including the spear-phishing attack on John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair, as well as the DNC.  In addition to the actual “hacking”, Russian agencies put out many “FAKE NEWS” propaganda pieces into the American social media scene.  Trump even gave some help to Jill Stein to ensure that Clinton wouldn’t pull off a Presidential win.

Interestingly, Jill Stein, Putin, and General Flynn all sat at the same table at an RT anniversary dinner…

A Private Intelligence dossier by a former British MI6 Intelligence officer was released and has since been corroborated on multiple counts.  Trump has repeatedly denied ties to Russia publicly, but the evidence says he’s lying.

Trump has not sufficiently divested himself of his monetary conflicts of interest to satisfy the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and calls for his Impeachment have been ongoing.

In short, I honestly believe the case for Impeachment is undeniable, and it is just a matter of time.  The two chief elements are the clear conflicts of interest represented in Trump’s business ventures across the globe, and the fact that he is undeniably attached to Russia, who actually interfered in the US Presidential Election through influencing fake propaganda, misinformation, and cyber-attacks to get him elected.  It looks like the Impeachment investigations are beginning.

Impeach Trump sooner rather than later.


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